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Apply for a Walking College Fellowship Today!
Do you want to make your community healthier and more walkable?  Would you like to participate in a FREE Fellowship program that will give you t ...
Mar 4, 2023 Read More
CDC grant funding opportunities announced: HOP and SPAN
The CDC just announced funding for the next round of the High Obesity Program (HOP) and State Physical Activity and Nutrition (SPAN) programs. Are you ...
Feb 1, 2023 Read More
PAPREN kicks off Year 3
It’s hard to believe, but PAPREN year 3 started October 1! We provide annual evaluation results on our Network call each May, but we want to give yo ...
Oct 12, 2021 Read More
Back to School with the Safe Routes Partnership
Back to school has a whole new meaning for students as many return to in-person learning after various virtual, hybrid, and socially-distant classroom ...
Sep 2, 2021 Read More
Have you taken the PAPREN annual evaluation survey yet?
Not yet, I’m really busy. Does it really matter if I answer? Yes! We need members’ help to achieve the PAPREN vision of a Network that brings div ...
Apr 1, 2021 Read More
Save the Date! 2021 Active Living Conference goes virtual
Active Living Research and GP RED are pleased to announce an exciting new alliance to co-host and coordinate the Active Living Conference. Our or ...
Jan 7, 2021 Read More
PAPREN announces vision statement and “stairwell” pitch statements
On the October 2020 Network call, PAPREN leadership presented the final PAPREN vision statement and stairwell (not elevator!) pitch statements. How w ...
Nov 4, 2020 Read More
PAPREN Fellows and Groups
What is a PAPREN Fellow? Groups are a vital feature of PAPREN. They provide a place for networking, but their most important function is coordinating ...
Sep 3, 2020 Read More
Journal of Healthy Eating Active Living Debuts
There’s a new outlet available for researchers to get out your work on physical activity and healthy eating! The Journal of Healthy Eating Active Li ...
Jul 1, 2020 Read More
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Launch of the Physical Activity Policy Research and Evaluation (PAPREN) Website
We’re excited and proud to launch the Physical Activity Policy Research and Evaluation (PAPREN) website. More than ever we’re learning how staying ...
Jun 2, 2020 Read More
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